Q.  How many sessions of laser hair removal will I need?

A.  Any part of the body requires at least 6 sessions. Some people are done at 6 sessions and some require a few more. Each person is different since hair growth is based on hormones skin color and being consistant with appointments.

Q.  Do I need to shave or let the hair grow when I get laser hair removal?

A.  YES you need to shave. In fact, if you are not cleanly shaven we are unable to do your laser session. It is your choice if you want to let the hair grow in between your appointments- BUT you must shave prior to coming in for your appointment. We suggest shaving the morning of your appointment or the night before.

Q.  How often do I come in for my laser hair removal sessions?

A.  Upper body is typically 4-6 weeks in between treatments and lower body is 6-8 weeks and only one appointment per client can be booked at a time to avoid confusion.

Q.  Can I split my laser package into two different areas?

A.  We do not split packages up into different areas. Smaller packages are available apon request and that price can be quoted for you.

Q.  The pricing for legs, does that include both legs?

A.  Yes it does, we would never want to trick our clients into packages.

Q.  If I am an existing client am I able to purchase more Groupons, Living Socials or Amazon Local Deals?

A.  Due to the 91% reduction we cannot accept additional Groupons/Living Socials or Amazon Local Deals from our existing clientele. However you may contact us at (631) 676-5531 and we can offer you a extremely discounted price for the same areas offered on Groupon.

Q.  Can I still wax if I am getting laser hair removal?

A.  If you currently wax you will need to wait 3 weeks before you can come in for your appointment.  Once you start your laser sessions you will not be able to wax, tweeze, thread, bleach or nair the hair in the area that is being lasered.  Doing any of these things will make your laser session less productive. The hair needs to be in the follicle, yet clean on the skin's surface.

Q.  If I want to get laser hair removal done on an area that is not listed in your special what can I do?

A.  Feel free to contact us at (631) 676-5531 and we will set up a special pricing for that specific area for you.

Q.  How long is my laser session going to be?

A.  Typically a "small" area is completed in under 10 mins, a "medium" area is completed in less than 15 mins, and a "large" area requires 30-40 mins. In some cases a "large" area can be done in 20 mins.

Q.  I want to get laser on my face but I am afraid to shave my face!

A.  You are required to shave prior to treatment.  Most people are hesitant to shave because they are afraid of that 5'oclock shadow etc.. however if you stay on target with your laser sessions that shadow could not possibly happen before the hair would be completely removed.

Q.  Is there scarring or burning involved with laser hair removal?

A.  When we book any laser hair removal appointment we go over a list of requirements. (see the list below) As long as these requirements are followed and the client is honest when asked questions about medications or sunlight exposure, then no burning or scarring would occur.  

Q.  Can I get laser hair removal if I am pregnant or trying to become pregnant?

 A.  We will not laser anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. If you become pregnant we can put your sessions on hold and they will not expire as long as we redeem your certificate and create a folder for you prior to expiration. (this can be done over the phone)

Q.   What do I need to avoid prior to treatment?

A.    You must avoid the sun, tanning salons, self tanning/bronzing lotions and spray tanning 2 FULL weeks prior to treatment (4 weeks for the leg area). You must avoid any medications that say "sensitive to sunlight" for one FULL week prior to treatment (this includes anti-biotics and other medications, so please ask your Dr. about side effects with your medications)

Q.    Am I able to bring my children with me to my appointment?

A.    Unfortunately, since we are a Medical Spa with relaxing treatments as well, children are not permitted.  They are unable to be in the treatment room and we need to keep the waiting area quiet and peaceful for the ongoing treatments.  Please book your appointments accordingly, thank you.

Q.    If I already purchased a package through your company can I purchase an online deal through one of the discount websites?

A.    Unfortunately due to our extrememly  low prices and frequent "Specials" we do not offer price adjustments, refunds or exchanges.

Q.    Will laser hair removal work on blonde or fine hair?

A.    Laser hair removal only works on light brown hair or darker. The laser looks for pigment in the hair follicle and will not see blonde hair, therefore it would not produce a result. Fine hair will work (as long as it is brown or darker) but may require more       sessions since it is fine.

Q.    What do I do if I can't remember my appointment date/time?

A.    When booking appointments (over the phone) we go over a checklist of everything you will need to know prior to your appointment. We ask that you write this down as well as the appointment date/time we make for you.  If booking in person we offer appointment cards as your reminder. We often try to call and confirm 24hrs in advance BUT please do not rely on this as your reminder.  Due to the abundance of appointments in our schedule, it is the sole responsibility of the client to remember their appointment.

Q.    What happens if I miss my appointment?

A.    If an appointment is a "No Show" we reserve the right to charge $25. We ask that you call us prior to your appointment (24hrs) if you need to cancel so we may fill in the appointment slot with a client that is waiting for an appointment. As an alternative we give you the option to just deduct a session from your package instead of paying the $25. (this is the only two options for a "No Show")

Q.     What if I purchased a package through your spa and I find an online deal cheaper?

A.      We offer highly discounted prices for our services through online deals occasionally and always offer low prices at our spa. To keep these prices low and competetive we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

Q.      What do I do if I am getting the bikini area or the brazilian and I have my period?

A.      As long as you can wear a tampon you do not need to reschedule, this is a very common occurance that we are comfortable with and suggest that you do not reschedule because of it.


If it is from an online deal, you Must bring a printout showing your barcode 

You must avoid waxing, bleaching, threading, tweezing or nair 3 weeks prior to your appointments

You must shave the area being treated the morning of your appointment

All make-up, moisturizer, baby powder, deodorant or body lotion must be removed prior to your arrival

You cannot be on any medication that causes a sun sensitivity for 1 full week prior to your appointment

You must avoid the sun, tanning salons, spray tans and bronzing lotions for 2 full weeks prior to each appointment (legs are 3-4 weeks)

If you need to reschedule we require 24hr notice or there is a $25 fee

Book appointments accordingly since we do not allow children in the spa  

Please note that if any of these requirements are not met, we are unable to do your treatment. This is for your safety and for best results possible!         

We look forward to meeting you and making you hair free! Have a wonderful day! 


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