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Become part of our 3/3/FREE program today! It's simple and it's FREE!
Simply stop in to receive your Member cards and the rest is as easy as talking to your friends!
Program works as follows:
  • You will be given Member cards, simply write your name on the line provided on the card...
  • Give these out to all your friends and family that you want to experience Desire Perfection...
  • After each of your 3 Friends purchase any service in a package of 3, you receive a service/product FREE!! Simple as that!
  • Each month the prizes change and always have a minimum value of $50  so it's worth the effort...
  • Best part is - There is NO LIMIT! So you are able to send as many people as you like and you will keep winning prizes!!
We appreciate our customers support and loyalty.
 This is just one of our many ways we like to give back to those who believe in us and help us achieve that Perfection we Desire!

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